YiZhen Reflexology Spa - Diva De Beaute

Diva De Beaute

Feel like a star and pamper yourself in our suite of personalised luxurious services when you enter our premises.

Let us take you on a journey where we seek the best application that suits your lifestyle.

Aroma Therapy Treatment

As certified professionals, we have a splendid range of 100 different French / Austrailian massage oils or mixtures to cater to your distinct taste.

Body, Mind & Soul Aroma Treatment

Perfectly designed to suit your needs, this treatment is ideal after a hard day’s work:

  • Destress
  • Motivate one’s over-all being and blood circulation

We promise you will walk out enjoying your surroundings better.

Foot Reflexology Aroma Massage

Ancient china has been using traditional methods of foot reflexology and massage to treat sicknesses and other symptoms of the human body.

Somewhere on the other side, ancient Rome and Egypt, discovered the goodness of Aroma Treatment (made from flowers, grass, leaves and roots) making it a widespread practice for its healing properties.